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  • # 219 Betrayer Betrayed

    Guilt consumes Judas. Now that they've used him, he is sport for the dark side, their pathetic joke. So Satan treats those he uses.

    Judas grabs the robe of Caiaphas and cries out, "Release him, Caiaphas, I have betrayed innocent blood!"

    Caiaphas shakes him off, confused, and embarrassed, scattered silver making it obvious the priests had bribed him. Regaining self-possession, he scorns Judas, despising his action, "That's your problem."

    Judas falls at Jesus' feet begging him to deliver himself, acknowledging him as the Son of God.

    Jesus looks with pity at Judas; he knows his sorrow is being wrong, there is no desire to change, just shame. Things hadn't turned out as Judas had planned, and Satan's condemnation is eating him alive. Jesus says simply, "This is why I came into the world."

    Judas had meant to force Jesus into declaring himself king, to push his disciples to act. He had always thought his plans were better than Jesus'. He had always expressed doubts that confused the disciples. He had been honored with Jesus' presence and his power, but he never trusted Jesus--surrendering his will, his plans, his life. He never let himself love Jesus.

    The assembly is again convicted that Jesus is more than human. But why then doesn't he free himself and rise up in triumph? wonder silenced spectators.

    Judas sees that Jesus is going to allow their plan for his death, and rushes out crying, "It is too late! It is too late!" and in despair hangs himself.

    Poor Simon! In one day he loses his son and his new Lord.

    Matthew 27:3-5


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