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  • # 218 The Hardest Work is Facing Yourself

    Peter runs from Caiaphas' courtyard, sobbing, not caring where he goes. He ends up in the garden, where Jesus had agonized, wishing he could die. He remembers everything...

    Now Peter understands, and his heart breaks, realizing if he'd prayed and supported Jesus, he wouldn't have denied his Lord. He remembers Jesus' words, "Satan has asked to sift you like wheat..." (now "getting" that he'd been tested by Satan--kept unprepared.)

    Meanwhile, day is breaking, and the Sanhedrin is reconvening for the "legal" trial. Not all heard Jesus' claim to be Messiah. The leaders hope he will repeat it, which they'll twist into a seditious affront to the Romans.

    "Are you the Son of God?"

    Jesus remains silent, and they continue questioning.

    Finally, in pained voice, Jesus answers, "If I tell you, you won't believe me. If I answer, you won't let me go. But you will see me invested with power on God's right hand, coming in clouds of angels."

    Instantly, accusing priests speak as one mocking voice, "Then you are the Son of God?"

    "You say so."

    "He is guilty! You've heard it yourselves!" screams Caiaphas .

    The trial erupts into the worst abuse yet. The members and mobsters rushed him. Had it not been for Roman soldiers who couldn't tolerate a man being convicted without a Roman trial, Jesus wouldn't have lived to be nailed to the cross.

    As the trial closes, a tall form presses through the crowd, a haggard, pale face cries, "Spare him, Caiaphas, he is innocent!" Thirty pieces of silver ring on the marble.

    Matthew 27:1-5, Mark 14:72-15:1, Luke 22:62-71,


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