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We hope this becomes a dependency. Strange thing for a therapist to say. But we are dependent on God for life and peace and joy. Spending time with Him every day (imagining these vignettes) will enhance your life and growth as nothing else can.


Misinformation about God is rampant out there today. This is good stuff--agreeing with the best interpretation you can put on Scripture.


  Below, Love's Playbook, Arla's new series, is the first interpretive version of the Bible -- it's God's love story like you've never read it--written to keep you reading! (Images are Amazon linked )


# 197 The End of the World

By Arla, Jan 30 2019 02:00AM

Fear strikes the hearts of the priests and rulers as Jesus leaves the temple. His words of warning have hit their target, awakening concern. Will this really be destroyed?

Even his disciples are worried. As they walk past the massive white marble stones, fit together seamlessly where a piece of wall had withstood Nebuchadnezzar's army, (perhaps the piece with the cornerstone?) they point them out to Jesus, hoping he will comment.

And he does, "They look beautiful and indestructible, don't they, but the day will come when not one stone will be left on another."

Later, when they are alone on the Mount of Olives, Peter, Andrew, James and John come to Jesus asking, "When will the destruction of Jerusalem be? And what will be the sign of your coming and the end of the world?" Finally some of them are ready to ask about the warnings he's been giving!

Spirit has shown Jesus the dark centuries intervening, and he knows it will be much easier on them if they don't know the time span. And since they put the two events together, he does too, leaving his later followers to understand its duality.

"Don't let anyone deceive you, because false messiahs will appear, apparently working miracles and preaching deliverance to the Jews. You will hear of wars and threats of war, nation will rise against nation, and there will be famines, diseases, and earthquakes in many places, but the end is not yet. This is just the beginning of sorrows."

Matthew 24:1-8, Mark 13:1-8, Luke 21:5-11

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