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  • # 196 True Significance

    Three times the Father has spoken endorsements of Jesus from heaven: at his baptism; at his transfiguration; and even now after Jesus describes doom on priests, temple, and Israel as a nation.

    This last voice is for a much larger crowd including the Greeks and the religious leaders. God is validating Jesus' words as truth, and affirming him as Messiah and Son of God.

    This time Jesus says, "The voice was for you. Now is the judgment of this world; now is the prince of this world cast out. If I am lifted up I will draw all to me." The significance of the cross goes far beyond human redemption--everyone in the universe is drawn to Jesus as God's Truth.

    Spirit shows him the dreaded cross shining with glory as a symbol of triumph over evil. He sees Satan's power over the minds of men, broken. The whole universe sees God's self-sacrificing love and understands. Satan's accusations are seen to be lies, and the slander against God's government falls as nothing.

    God is shown as clearly not responsible for sin or our suffering. The choice to be loved or turn against God is the opportunity given to everyone. Every question about God's selfishness or severity is answered before the universe.

    Many humans now believe on Jesus, even of the ruling class who are afraid to admit it for fear of being separated from the synagogue. Truth and opportunity will be their judge. Separation from the synagogue is nothing compared to separation from God. If open to it, they will see.

    John 12:30-50


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